How To Restore Intimacy with Your Partner, Regain Confidence in the Bedroom, and Learn to Love Sex Again in Just 10 Weeks...

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Meet the FOUNDER


a passionate & certified Sex & Intimacy Coach dedicated to helping individuals & couples cultivate fulfilling and healthy connections through emotional and physical intimacy. With a background in psychology & training in various therapeutic approaches, she combines trauma informed expertise with a warm & non-judgmental approach.

She believes in a holistic approach to sexuality, recognizing the intricate connection between the mind, body, & emotions. She's a 500-hour registered yoga teacher & meditation guide using her experience to empower her clients to explore their desires, communicate effectively, & enhance their overall well-being.

She offers in person & online workshops as well as her flagship course, From Meh to Mind Blowing, for women who want more from sex.

You can reach her on all social medias @meditatexshelbytate.
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